Jasper adds low-power App to formal family

By Paul Dempsey |  No Comments  |  Posted: May 14, 2013
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Jasper Design Automation is continuing to build out its App concept with a new release dedicated to using formal verification for low-power optimization.

The JasperGold Low Power Verification App addresses designs with multiple voltage and power-management domains at the RTL.

It reads the RTL description and creates an internal power-aware formal model based on the power partitioning specifications. This is used to verify power optimization structures, management circuitry, and sequencing. Then, when applied with other Apps it verifies that power optimizations have not corrupted the original functionality.

An important target – and where Jasper Design Automation reckons it has some differentiation – is figuring out whether or not the spec and functionality are still met once the power management circuity has gone into a design. Often, this stage is especially vulnerable.

The App also inserts power supply network, switches, isolation cells, and data retention cells into the internal model. It then extracts power sequencing information from the power specification and infers a sequence of power control events necessary to implement the power-up or power-down correctly.

App integration and collaboration

The App concept is an interesting one. Jasper Design Automation has taken the vision a little further than simply modules.

The main technical components are the various formal packages available, a common and shared database and an architecture that allows data to be shared across different Apps. The tools themselves can operate simultaneously or undergo multiple individual invocations.

So buy what you need for your design – application specific tooling, in essence. But you can also virtualize the operation across server farms, very useful given that many SoCs today are designed and verified in multiple locations.

And, of course, each new App arrives with a ready-made, plug-in market. Not a bad spin on iTunedas.

The latest low power App is available immediately and Jasper will be demonstrating that alongside the rest of the family at DAC. In addition to the new launch, these include:

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