1. Dr Lauro Rizzatti is a verification consultant and industry expert on hardware emulation. Gabriele Pulini is a product marketing manager in the Emulation Division of Mentor.
    Expert Insight How emulation’s virtual mode boosts productivity: Part One

    This two-part article describes advantages when using a hardware emulation platform in virtual mode compared with in-circuit-emulation.

  2. Expert Insight High-level synthesis for AI: Part Two
  3. Expert Insight High-level synthesis for AI: Part One


  1. Expert Insight Enabling the move to a system-centric view

    Bob Smith of the ESD Alliance describes how we can promote the ongoing evolution of the design ecosystem.

  2. Article Tackling the design challenges of PCIe 5.0
  3. Article How Channel Operating Margin helps Gigabit Ethernet PCB analysis


  1. Article Understanding DDR SDRAM memory choices

    This article explains which form of DRAM memory is best for your SoC application, comparing DDR variants, types of DIMM, mobile and low-power versions, graphics memory and 3D stacks.

  2. Article Using advanced IP to build SoCs for hyperscale data centres
  3. Article Accelerating the implementation of application-specific processors


  1. Article Optimizing the hardware implementation of machine learning algorithms

    Optimizing the way in which machine learning algorithms are implemented in hardware will be a major differentiator for SoCs, especially for edge devices.

  2. Article The antifuse advantage for one-time programmable non-volatile memory
  3. Expert Insight Understanding USB 3.2 and Type-C



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