DAC 2013 Preview V: Rounding out the keynotes

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DAC 2013 has added EDA maven Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Freescale Semiconductor’s recently installed CEO Gregg Lowe to its line-up of keynote speakers in Austin, this June.

The conference has also taken the wraps off its popular Designer Keynote session. This year, senior design leaders from Qualcomm and Texas Instruments will review the latest challenges in mobile communications. Their talks are followed by a 90-minute panel session featuring the speakers and other members of their design teams.

DAC 2013 and the M2M era

UC Berkeley Professor Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, a key player in the foundations of both Synopsys and Cadence Design Systems, has chosen the topic of “Crystal Ball: From Transistors to the Smart Earth”. His DAC 2013 keynote, on Thursday, June 6 at 11:00AM (Ballroom ABC), will look to the future. But with some caution.

It will look at how engineers must think beyond traditional boundaries and address an “attack by the swarm of killer transistors” in an era where circuits with more than a billion transistors have been designed. We can look toward a “smart planet” with trillions of devices aiding mankind. However, to get there, the electronic design community will need to work with those in other disciplines, “even lawyers and political scientists”. It’s a much broader vision than Person of Interest. With the professor’s background, it should make for essential listening.

Gregg Lowe took over the reins from Rich Beyer at Freescale a little under a year ago (he’ll mark his first anniversary as President and CEO pretty much at DAC itself). His DAC 2013 keynote, on Monday, June 3 at 10:15AM (Ballroom ABC), will address a topic close to the professor’s, “Embedded Processing – Driving the Internet of Things”.

Lowe will examine the key trends that are already shaping the global interconnections between not only people but also machines.  Freescale has been banging the drum about the Internet of Things for longer than most other semiconductor companies. So it’s well placed to look at how the market is shaping up and what innovations are driving it. Lowe will offer specific insights on how to bring together heterogeneous architectures for system-in-package functionality, and achieve the balance between high performance and more I/O while using less power in ever smaller form factors.

Mobile focus for Designer Keynotes

In the DAC 2013 Designer Keynote session, on Wednesday June 5 at 11:15AM (Ballroom ABC), Qualcomm’s  Scott Runner and TI’s Sanjiv Agarwala will present under the umbrella of “Designing Mobile Communications SoCs: Handhelds to Infrastructure”.

Runner, Vice President of Advanced Methdologies and Low Power Design at Qualcomm, will talk on “Design and Methodology of Wireless ICs for Mobile Applications: True SoCs Have Come of Age”.

Agarwala, a TI Fellow and Director of WW Silicon Development in its Processor Business, will talk on “Infrastructure Embedded Processing Systems – Trends and Opportunities”.

An important companion piece to both speeches is that DAC 2013 attendees will have a chance to quiz both executives and their colleagues after the session, on Wednesday June 5 at 1:30PM (Hall 5). Do the prep at the keynote and get the answers you need.

The latest keynotes join those already announced featuring National Instruments CEO Dr James Truchard and Samsung Electronics president Stephen Woo (we covered both in an earlier DAC preview).

To catch up on all our DAC 2013 preview content so far, check the links below. From next week, we’ll start taking a deeper dive into the technical sessions as the conference gets closer.

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