1. Anders Nordstrom, senior corporate applications engineer, Verification Group, Synopsys
    Expert Insight Are you formally secure?

    A look at how formal verification strategies can be used to check the security feature of complex SoCs for potential data leakage and data integrity issues

  2. Expert Insight Comparing your design to itself – a crucial part of verification
  3. Article Implementing USB Type-C


  1. David Wiens is Business Development Manager for the System Design Division at Mentor Graphics.
    Expert Insight Where tools end and best practices begin

    Learn how you can benchmark your design practices against the most successful players in the PCB market – and why you should.

  2. Article PCB tool innovation from the middle out
  3. Article Simulation predicts performance of automotive Ethernet


  1. dice-154534_640
    Article True random number generators for a more secure IoT

    An analysis of what it takes to build true random number generators that can provide a strong cryptographic basis for systems security, especially for IoT devices.

  2. Expert Insight Enabling energy-efficient wireless IoT designs with Bluetooth Smart IP
  3. Article What’s cooking at the Flash Diner?


  1. Mike Borza, Synopsys
    Expert Insight Laying the foundations of a more secure IoT

    The challenges of creating a more secure IoT, and the role that hardware roots of trust can play in doing so.

  2. Expert Insight Still using Moore’s Law to beat up on the automotive industry?
  3. Article Accelerating Android bring-up using VDKs in the LAVA framework



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