1. Allen Watson of Synopsys
    Expert Insight An open-source framework for greater flexibility in machine-learning development

    Exchange frameworks are emerging to make it easier for neural-network developers to swap between development environments.

  2. Expert Insight EUV’s arrival demands a new resolution enhancement flow
  3. Expert Insight Doc Formal: Achieving exhaustive formal verification of packet-based designs


  1. PCI_Express_logo
    Article Tackling the design challenges of PCIe 5.0

    Moving up to PCIe 5.0 speeds demands rethinking everything from silicon design through choice of PCB material and connectors up to track layout and validation.

  2. Article How Channel Operating Margin helps Gigabit Ethernet PCB analysis
  3. Expert Insight The Wally Rhines interview – Part Two: AI, automotive and security


  1. Article Using threat models and risk assessments to define device security requirements

    The proliferation of attacks against embedded systems is making designers realize that they need to do more to secure their products and ecosystems.

  2. Expert Insight Flexible embedded vision processing architectures for machine-learning applications
  3. Expert Insight Managing waivers in reliability verification


  1. Visual: cars speeding along a road
    Article Managing the evolving architecture of integrated ADAS controllers

    Designers need to understand how the architecture of electronic control units used to implement ADAS in vehicles is changing.

  2. Article Bringing Ethernet time-sensitive networking to automotive applications
  3. Expert Insight How emulation’s SoC and SoS advantages begin with transaction-based co-modeling



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