1. Featured Image - Portable Stimulus feature
    Article Automating test from IP to SoC levels with portable stimulus

    This introduction to the new Accellera standard includes a demo of portable stimulus in use to fully verify a DMA engine.

  2. Article Hardware emulation gets smarter with save-and-restore for debug
  3. Article Staging virtual prototype bring-up for faster software development


  1. Dr Walden Rhines is Chairman and CEO of Mentor - A Siemens Business
    Expert Insight The Wally Rhines interview – Part Two: AI, automotive and security

    This second part looks at Mentor’s views on flow neutrality, how DRS360 was born, machine learning and the threat from embedded Trojans.

  2. Article The basic PCB rules for a successful IoT design
  3. Expert Insight A reliability checklist for the Connected World


  1. Richard Solomon, technical marketing manager, Synopsys
    Expert Insight Using CCIX to implement cache coherent heterogeneous multiprocessor systems

    CCIX is a cache coherency protocol, based on PCI Express, for interconnecting high-performance heterogenous multiprocessing systems.

  2. Expert Insight High-resolution visual recognition needs high-performance CNNs
  3. Expert Insight Protecting content transmitted over USB Type-C connections


  1. subthreshold featimg
    Article Applying sub-threshold circuit techniques to IoT device design

    Operating at near-threshold or sub-threshold voltages reduces static and dynamic power consumption, at the cost of design complexity.

  2. Expert Insight Building faster data centers with 25G Ethernet
  3. Expert Insight The Wally Rhines interview – Part One: Mentor as a Siemens business



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