1. CS12143_Fig 1
    Article Achieving ISO 26262 certification with ASIL ready IP

    Achieving ISO 26262 certification for advanced driver assistance systems takes a combination of ASIL ready IP and rigorous development strategies.

  2. Expert Insight Doc Formal: the crisis of confidence facing verification III
  3. Expert Insight Data-hungry applications demand emulation


  1. Channel Operating Margin featured image
    Article How Channel Operating Margin helps Gigabit Ethernet PCB analysis

    The COM methodology is being extended and more widely adopted across high-speed designs thanks to deeper tool integration.

  2. Expert Insight The Wally Rhines interview – Part Two: AI, automotive and security
  3. Article The basic PCB rules for a successful IoT design


  1. Featimg
    Article Using hardware secure modules to protect SoCs

    Building secure SoCs takes a methodical approach, careful study of possible attacks, and embedded hardware that can provide a Root of Trust

  2. Article Choosing between DDR4 and HBM in memory-intensive applications
  3. Expert Insight Fighting the war of escalation in embedded systems security


  1. Debug case study for ARM/AXI based design
    Article Case study: Verifying and optimizing software for power on SoCs

    How emulation was used to debug out-of-spec power on a multicore ARM design using the AXI bus.

  2. Expert Insight Making security a profit center for silicon
  3. Expert Insight Supporting higher-resolution displays without major system redesign



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