1. Chris Tice is corporate vice president and general manager of hardware system verification at Cadence Design Systems
    Expert Insight The rise of hardware-assisted verification

    Verification of hardware and software has become a key bottleneck for chip design. Hardware-assisted verification is removing that bottleneck.

  2. Expert Insight Next wave of innovation in verification technology must come from integration
  3. Article Catching X-propagation related issues at RTL


  1. Julian Coates is the director of business development for Mentor Graphics Valor division.
    Expert Insight Make best-practice lean NPI for PCB a reality

    Shifting DFM validation earlier in the flow speeds NPI, cuts respins and gives you a critical edge.

  2. Article Bring decaps under control with automated analysis
  3. Expert Insight Henny Youngman’s advice to PCB designers


  1. Neil Songcuan is a senior product marketing manager, responsible for the FPGA-based Prototyping Solution at Synopsys.
    Expert Insight Using HAPS to streamline IP to SoC integration

    The HAPS prototyping system can help designers integrate IP into SoCs more quickly.

  2. Expert Insight Consistency key to gaining the advantages of IP integration
  3. Article FPGA-based prototyping to validate the integration of IP into an SoC


  1. Featured image - virtual prototyping big.Little case study
    Article Debugging with virtual prototypes – Part Four

    The fourth installment discusses the extra levels of debug capability available when using virtual prototypes through the example of an ARM big.LITTLE-based embedded system.

  2. Expert Insight Power management in embedded systems – new thinking required
  3. Article Debugging with virtual prototypes – Part Three



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