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    Article Enhanced model-based hinting may be the edge you need below 20nm

    A detailed dive into how MBH strategies for litho hotspots have been enhanced to deal with double patterning at 20nm and below.

  2. Article Win on the fault campaign trail with formal
  3. Expert Insight Verifying clock domain crossings in UPF-based low-power SoCs


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    Article Tackling the design challenges of PCIe 5.0

    Moving up to PCIe 5.0 speeds demands rethinking everything from silicon design through choice of PCB material and connectors up to track layout and validation.

  2. Article How Channel Operating Margin helps Gigabit Ethernet PCB analysis
  3. Expert Insight The Wally Rhines interview – Part Two: AI, automotive and security


  1. Article Optimizing the hardware implementation of machine learning algorithms

    Optimizing the way in which machine learning algorithms are implemented in hardware will be a major differentiator for SoCs, especially for edge devices.

  2. Article The antifuse advantage for one-time programmable non-volatile memory
  3. Expert Insight Understanding USB 3.2 and Type-C


  1. Article Using threat models and risk assessments to define device security requirements

    The proliferation of attacks against embedded systems is making designers realize that they need to do more to secure their products and ecosystems.

  2. Expert Insight An open-source framework for greater flexibility in machine-learning development
  3. Expert Insight Flexible embedded vision processing architectures for machine-learning applications



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