1. Synopsys MIPI verification featimg
    Article Verifying MIPI interfaces in SoCs

    Verifying MIPI interfaces including CSI-2, CPHY, DPHY, MPY, Unipro and the UFS host controller on complex SoCs – should you make or buy the necessary VIP?

  2. Article Verifying clock domain crossings when using fast-to-slow clocks
  3. Article Fixing late ECOs in ARM core subsystems at STMicroelectronics


  1. Simulated eye diagram of PAM3 signal for automotive Ethernet
    Article Simulation predicts performance of automotive Ethernet

    Ethernet is set to become one of the key communications standards for automotive. Early system-level simulation lets designers gauge performance before moving to hardware prototypes.

  2. Article Eight steps for efficient PCB manufacturing and assembly – Part Two
  3. Article Eight steps for efficient PCB manufacturing and assembly – Part One


  1. Prototyping Imagination GPUs - featimg
    Article Developing and integrating configurable GPU IP using FPGA-based prototyping

    How Imagination Technologies used FPGA-based prototyping to develop its GPU IP and integrate it into a real world system

  2. Expert Insight Neural networks bring advanced object detection to embedded vision
  3. Article Getting the most out of IP based FPGA design with Synplify


  1. Evaluation board used by TI for testing the CTPL library
    Article Handling power dropouts in MSP430 energy-harvesting designs

    Software for energy-harvesting designs needs to cope with sudden power failures. FRAM storage can reduce the power and performance penalties of full resets.

  2. Article Cortex-A72: microarchitecture tweaks focus on efficiency
  3. Expert Insight Design reaches out from the edge



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