1. Anders Nordstrom, senior corporate applications engineer, Verification Group, Synopsys
    Expert Insight The art of abstraction

    Successful FPV of large designs requires that parts of the design are abstracted. Learning how and where to apply abstractions will result in more proven properties and more bugs found.

  2. Expert Insight An accelerated approach to achieving automotive safety with ASIL D
  3. Article Emulation strategies for SSD verification


  1. Danit Atar is a senior marketing programs specialist at Mentor Graphics
    Expert Insight A reliability checklist for the Connected World

    Reliability is growing to match security as a key challenge for PCB design. These tools and techniques will help you rise to it.

  2. Article Noise and manufacturing concerns control design for power-module makers
  3. Expert Insight Where tools end and best practices begin


  1. template testCS5
    Article Teaching computers to recognize a smile (or frown, or grimace or…)

    Using deep learning techniques and convolutional neural networks to bring facial recognition capabilities to embedded systems.

  2. Article Using the MIPI RFFE specification to simplify the control architecture of multi-radio SoCs
  3. Article USB Type-C: Verification challenges and solutions


  1. Robert Vamosi, CISSP and security strategist at Synopsys
    Expert Insight Software validation strategies for connected cars

    Software validation strategies will become increasingly important as cars become more complex, connected and autonomous.

  2. Article Guidelines attempt to build trust in IoT
  3. Expert Insight USB 2.0 as an integration standard for IoT products



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