Mentor aims to grow emulation with lower gate-count hardware

By TDF Staff |  1 Comment  |  Posted: April 5, 2018
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Mentor, a Siemens business, is looking to expand the use of the hardware emulator on designs with comparative lower-gate counts through additions to its flagship Veloce Strato emulation family.

The company has today (April 5) launched the Veloce StratoT and StratoTiL with, respectively, 1.25 billion-gate and 640,000-gate capacities. They join the 2.5 billion-gate StratoM emulator launched last year.

The company says that the new smaller gate-count emulators complete the roll-out of the Strato family, while support for legacy Quattro (256 million-gate) and Maximus (one billion-gate) hardware will continue.

The latest Strato emulator units are modular. Customers can progressively add boxes to an installation until they bring their gate capacity up to that of a full StratoM.

The Strato emulator family can be grown with modules toward 2.5 billion gates (Mentor)

The Strato emulator family can now be grown with modules toward 2.5 billion gates (Mentor)

One significant part of Mentor’s lower gate-count strategy involves the promotion of emulation, long seen as a richer design player’s technology, as an option for companies that might previously have seen FPGA prototyping as a more cost-effective verification option.

It is then specifically targeting four market segments where its Veloce family does not already hold the market-leading position: automotive, mil/aero, mobile and storage.

The launch also builds upon the February acquisition by parent company Siemens of Finnish test specialist Sarokal Test Systems. Sarokal has a particular mobile specialization in the development of 5G networks. The overriding concept is to integrate emulation and test here within a broad design flow for pre- and post-silicon validation.

Siemens is also now promoting Mentor’s emulation family as a key plank within its Industry 4.0 strategy for automotive ‘digital twin’ design flows.

The biggest new addition to Mentor’s emulation family, the StratoT, has 17kW power consumption within  a 2.3-rack data-center placement. The emulator is air-cooled with 32-board capacity. All existing Veloce tools and apps are compatible with the new emulators.


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