DAC 2017 preview: Plunify

By TDF Staff |  No Comments  |  Posted: June 16, 2017
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Plunify (#1631) will highlight its its new Kabuto software and its existing InTime tool during the exhibition (June 19-21) at this year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC 2017) in Austin.

Kabuto takes its news from the Japanese term for ‘helmet’. It aims to protect FPGA designs from performance errors by recommending register transfer level (RTL) code fixes based on timing path and RTL code analysis. It does this by reading critical-path information and pinpoints corresponding source code segments.

InTime addresses timing and performance issues in FPGA designs using a proprietary machine learning technique. It analyzes past compilation results to predict optimal synthesis/place-and-route parameters and placement locations. Target markets include data center, advanced driver assistance systems and high-frequency trading.

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