Ceva extends control-oriented DSP

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: January 7, 2019
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Ceva has followed its IoT-oriented Ceva-X series of processor cores with a more powerful family that is designed to handle control and signal-processing algorithms using the same pipeline.

Moshe Sheier, director of strategic marketing at Ceva, said: "Many applications are need this mixture. Whether wireless modems or motor control systems they blend more and more digital signal processing with control."

The Ceva-BX has about four times the DSP throughput of the earlier Ceva-X by providing two scalar processors and a five-way VLIW DSP engine. The pipeline is longer than in the Ceva-X: running code with a maximum of 11 stages. This allows a maximum clock speed of 2GHz in TSMC's 7nm process.

Block diagram of the Ceva-BX

Image Block diagram of the Ceva-BX

There are two main flavors of BX, initially. The BX1 has a single 32x32 MAC and quad 16x16 MACs. The BX2 adds more MAC units to support four 32x32 and eight 16x16 operations in parallel.

The BX core has acquired some additional support for the operations used in neural-network inferencing, recognizing the shift to push this kind of work to embedded systems. As well as adding more parallel functional units, the architects reworked the variable-length instruction set to improve overall code density.

At the microarchitectural level, Ceva has added some functions to improve loop and branch latency. One is a small loop buffer of a size that suits tight DSP kernels. There is also a dynamic branch translation buffer that is designed to help speed up the branch performance of control code. A further change is support for branch-break instructions, intended primarily to help reduce code size. The LLVM compiler also gets some assistance with hardware support for a common symbol table to make it easier to combine operations in a single instruction.

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