Aprisa place-and-route software gets major upgrade

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Siemens Digital Industries Software today (October 12) released the latest version of the Aprisa place-and-route software with enhancements that build upon its acquisition last year as part of P&R specialist Avatar Integrated Systems.

The additions pave the way for full certification of the Aprisa 21.R1 release for the 5nm and 4nm modes which is, Siemens says, now in its final stages. The software was certified for the 6nm node in April.

All the major engines have been upgraded, the company says, including those clock tree synthesis optimization, route optimization, timing analysis and placement.

There has been a 30 per cent reduction in full-flow runtime and the memory footprint has been reduced by up to 60 per cent (30 per cent for full-flow on complex designs on average).

Then, there is extended support for multi-power domain implementations – MPD is a vital technique for extreme low power design.

The improvements are the result of a doubling to the Aprisa R&D team since the Avatar acquisition was completed in December 2020.

The new Aprisa 21.R1  place-and-route suite is immediately available.

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