Fast instruction simulator expands to Arm

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: October 6, 2023
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MachineWare has expanded its portfolio of high-speed instruction-set simulators to the Arm Cortex-A and -M architectures where the verification environment needs to run on x86 platforms.

The company already has an Arm-on-Arm platform and a RISC-V simulator for x86 machines that is based on a just-in-time binary simulation technology the company developed as a framework to building functional simulators for a variety of targets.

Lukas Jünger, MachineWare managing director and co-founder, said the CHARM simulator will help bring up complex software stacks before the final target hardware is available. The simulator includes interactive debugging support and can work with the company’s InSCight profiler in a SystemC environment. The company designed InSCight to help users pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks

In parallel to these developments, MachineWare said has ported its software products to a wider range of host platforms. As a result, in addition to Linux, the entire tool suite is now available for Windows platforms. This includes existing products such as SIM-V, the Virtual Components Modeling Library VCML, and QBox, the company’s “QEMU in a SystemC box”.
MachineWare will showcase the new products for the first time at the Design and Verification Conference & Exhibition Europe (DVCon Europe), taking place on 14-15 November 2023 in Munich.

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