Liberty changes bring together nanometer OCV techniques

By Chris Edwards |  1 Comment  |  Posted: October 1, 2014
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The Liberty library format has been extended to cope with the most common forms of on-chip variation analysis in use today on nanometer processes.

The Liberty Technical Advisory Board (LTAB), an IEEE-ISTO federation member program, approved extensions to cover modeling techniques such as advanced on chip variation (AOCV), parametric on chip variation (POCV) and statistical on chip variation (SOCV). The extensions come under the umbrella of the Liberty Variation Format (LVF), forming part of the open-source standard.

Unanimously approved by the LTAB board, the latest LVF additions include extensions for slew load-dependent transition and tables to hold sigma data for techniques such as SOCV. These extensions provide designers with options to use modeling techniques that could cut reduce timing margins for advanced process nodes, including FinFETs.

Synopsys said the variation technology is supported by by tools such as SiliconSmart for library characterization, IC Compiler, the Library Compiler library checker and compiler, and PrimeTime ADV.

“The completion of a unified standard format for OCV modelling in Liberty is a major milestone for the LTAB,” said Jim Sproch, LTAB chair and senior director of engineering at Synopsys. “However, it is not just about a format; it is about technology enablement and collaboration across the industry. Recently ratified Liberty Variation Format extensions complete the unification of AOCV, POCV and SOCV into a single, universally adopted industry standard, and form a common platform for future development.”

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