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At a DAC that will feature the arrival of the Accellera portable stimulus standard, Breker Verification Systems will demonstrate on Booth #1321 at the show (June 19-21) its implementation of the Early Adopter release of the specification.

“Breker was doing Portable Stimulus before it had a name,” says Michael Hoyt, president of Paradigm Works and DVClub organizer.

Breker first introduced a graph-based approach to test case generation in 2008 now known as portable stimulus, intended to provide a standard means of specifying verification intent and behaviors reusable across target platforms. The company contributed a working C++ language representation to the Portable Stimulus Working Group (PSWG) for inclusion in the draft standard. Breker is also bringing the domain-specific language (DSL) defined by the Accellera committee into its TrekSoC portfolio to be fully compliant with the standard.

In addition, Breker will showcase two new TrekApps, prepackaged applications of Portable Stimulus. The ARMv8 TrekApp, for example, rigorously tests multicore ARMv8 systems, including stress on ACE protocol standard, atomic, exclusive and acquire/release memory operations and system-wide paging with TLBi/DVM. The Power Management TrekApp generates self-checking test cases that exercise all transition sequences in complex power management state machines.

As well as performing demonstration at its booth, Breker will participate in a number of events in the Austin Convention Center.

Technical papers

Adnan Hamid, Breker’s chief executive officer, will speak during an EDA, Embedded Systems Track Tutorial, An Introduction to the Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard, Monday, June 19 from 1:30pm until 3pm. In Advanced Chip Validation Techniques, Paper Session 49 of the Design, EDA Track, he will explain how Accellera’s Portable Stimulus was used to verify an LTE switch Wednesday from 1:30pm until 3pm.​

During the Poster Session on the Exhibit Floor Wednesday from 5pm until 6pm, Etienne Caclin, application engineer at Breker, will describe “Using Portable Stimulus to Verify a Low Power SoC Design.”

Panel sessions

In a DAC Design, EDA Track Session panel titled, Portable Stimulus and Testbenches – One Ring to Bind Them, Tuesday, June 20, from 10:30am until noon, Hamid will give his views.

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