GlobalFoundries tunes 28nm for smaller, lower-power FD-SOI

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: July 13, 2015
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GlobalFoundries has developed a version of the 28nm FD-SOI process that it licensed from STMicrolectronics that the foundry claims offers a smaller die size and fewer mask layers than existing 28nm processes but which can offer a better power-performance profile than the current crop of foundry finFET processes.

According to GlobalFoundries, 22FDX delivers a 20 per die shrink compared to conventional bulk CMOS 28nm and requires 10 per cent fewer masks – and half the immersion lithography steps needed today by a 14nm finFET process, which is generally made on using 20nm design rules for interconnect.

To be made on the 28nm line at the foundry’s fab in Dresden, the company said it is spending $250m on technology development and additional capacity.

The process can operate down to 0.4V and will be offered in a number of flavors including an ultralow leakage version, an RF option, a high-speed version tuned for the use of forward body bias and a mainstream version that also deploys body biasing for power reduction.

Design starter kits and early versions of process design kits (PDKs) are available now with risk production slated to start in the second half of 2016.

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