Real Intent links tools to Synopsys flows through in-Sync program

By Luke Collins |  No Comments  |  Posted: July 8, 2013
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Real Intent has joined the Synopsys in-Sync program for two of its flows. Real Intent’s Ascent and Meridian products are now linked to the Synopsys VCS Verilog simulator, while Meridian is also linked to the  Synopsys HDL Compiler tool flow.

“Since our beginning, Synopsys has advanced tool interoperability via standards organisations and our own programs, including in-Sync,” said Karen Bartleson, senior director of community marketing at Synopsys, in a statement. “By joining in-Sync, Real Intent can work with us in verification and synthesis to help mutual customers meet their stringent design flow requirements.”

Clock domain crossing (CDC) analysis and verification are vital at both the pre- and post-synthesis stages of design to ensure against signal metastability. CDC analysis and verification requires a clean and correct SDC file that can also be used in the synthesis and timing-analysis steps. The Meridian flow with HDL Compiler ensures compatibility for SDC files. Linking VCS to Ascent and Meridian products provides dynamic verification of both the propagation of unknown states (X-propagation) and metastability issues.

Graham Bell, vice president of Marketing at Real Intent, added: “We are especially pleased to become a member of Synopsys’ in-Sync Program. Our membership provides access to Synopsys’ market-leading verification and synthesis technologies to ensure interoperability, and brings time and cost efficiencies to mutual customers who now can take advantage of a proven and qualified design flow.”

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