Embedded World 2014

March 13, 2014

Memory focus for specialized 32bit MCU

For a new 32bit microcontroller family, FTDI Chip has decided to not follow the crowd into the ARM camp but go it alone with its own proprietary architecture
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February 28, 2014

LDRA introduces tool to steer users through ISO26262 process

LDRA has developed software to support an ISO26262 process for the growing band of automotive suppliers that have to claim compliance with the standard.
February 27, 2014

Freescale tweaks Cortex-M0+ MCU to squeeze die size down

Freescale Semiconductor has tuned the design of the KL02 microcontroller to produce a new design that is close to 20 per smaller.
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February 27, 2014

Filesystem streamlines flash usage for smart meters

HCC Embedded has developed a specialised filesystem for smart meters designed to reduce power consumption and increase flash memory lifetime.
February 26, 2014

Silicon Labs brings 8 and 32bit MCUs into toolchain

Silicon Labs has brought development support for both its 8bit and ongoing 32bit microcontroller lines together using its Simplicity Studio IDE.
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February 25, 2014

IoT calls for security rethink, says Green Hills CTO

The rise of the Internet of Things will drive a change in attitude to security, Green Hills CTO David Kleidermacher claimed in his Embedded World keynote.
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February 24, 2014

MIPS brings virtualization and tamper protection to 32bit MCUs

Imagination Technologies' MIPS group has launched processor cores that include support for virtualization and measures to prevent reverse engineering.


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