LDRA introduces tool to steer users through ISO26262 process

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: February 28, 2014
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LDRA has developed software to support an ISO26262 process for the growing band of automotive suppliers that have to claim compliance with the recently introduced standard.

Jim McElroy, vice president of marketing for LDRA, said the introduction of the Compliance Management System follows the deployment of a similar product for DO178 compliance in the avionics sector.

“The infrastructure put together here came out of our aerospace work. We walk them through the process,” McElroy said.

“It’s offered as a locally hosted or cloud-based solution,” said McElroy. “It works independently of verification tools, such as code coverage, although there are certain benefits of being able to use our tools with this, which will check compliance with rules such as the MISRA C coding standard.”

McElroy said data collected by other tools could be plugged in “but it’s not as seamless”.

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