Graphcore licenses ESD protection from Sofics

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: February 28, 2019
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Graphcore has licensed IP from Belgium-based Sofics to protect its Colossus GC2 processors for machine learning, built on a 16nm finFET process, from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

“Sofics offered us flexibility with customization, a proven silicon ESD portfolio and fast time to market. Within just a few weeks we went from first contact to contract to solution delivery,” said Phil Horsfield, vice president of silicon at Graphcore.

The TakeCharge cell library is designed to cope with a range of ESD protection profiles and, according to Sofics, has been used more than 3000 commercially released ICs. The IP company said it has designed the cells to not require dedicated ESD implants: layers such as silicide block or deep n-well implants are only employed if they are needed elsewhere in the application.

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