The best in PCB design during 2017

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Mentor’s Technology Leadership Awards are the longest-established scheme for PCB design. The company has published five ‘inside view’ articles on the projects submitted  a number of the winners and their closest rivals. They offer insights to how PCB design is evolving and the challenges that need to be overcome. They also show innovative PCB efforts now taking place across the globe.

With links to each ‘Behind the Scenes’ blog, the featured 2017 TLAs went to:

Best overall design – Fujitsu

A team from the company’s Augsburg site delivered a scalable platform for exascale computing over a dual-socket mainboard. It features an I/O subsystem based on the Intel Skylake and Lewisburg Platform.

The winning TLA team from Fujitsu Augsburg

The winning TLA team from Fujitsu Augsburg

Category winner: Computers, Blades & Servers and Memory Systems – Adcom

The Israel company put together an FPGA-based hardware acceleration card around two Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs, served by two 4Gb hybrid memory cubes connected by 15Gbps lines.

You can also learn more about the work of the runner-up in this category, Aselsan of Turkey. It created a high-performance multi-processor computer for cloud computing, data centers and supercomputers. Specifications included 32 lanes of 19Gpbs connections between CPUs and GPUs across the board.

Category winner: Industrial Control, Instrumentation, Security & Medical – mindray

Shenzhen-based mindray developed a 60A subpanel for high-end color ultrasound that supports 6.25Gbps signals across a backplane that exceeds 20 inches.

Category winner: Military & Aerospace – Curtiss Wright

Canada’s Curtiss Wright created a ruggedized XMC-121 single-board computer based around a four-core, eight-thread processor within a 6in X 3in footprint, overcoming significant thermal challenges.

All the winners in this year’s TLA worked with Mentor’s flagship PBC design suite, Xpedition Enterprise.


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