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Vendor Mentor Graphics is a platinum sponsor of this year’s ARM TechCon (October 25-27) and will be participating in three technical and five sponsored sessions during the Santa Clara event.

The company will also offer 10 booth sessions ranging across Functional Verification and Emulation and Embedded Software as well as tool suites Calypto (high-level synthesis and power optimization) and Tanner EDA (analog and mixed-signal).

The full Mentor web page listing details of the events is now live, and also includes a registration gateway for ARM TechCon.

The technical and sponsored sessions are listed below by date. All take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

ARM TechCon sessions from Mentor

Wednesday, October 26th

Technical sessions

“Hard Real-Time Virtualization – How Hard Can It Be?”, 8.30am-9.20am, Ballroom E

“Device Software – Where Safety Meets Security”, 10.30am-11.20am, Ballroom F

Sponsored sessions

“How to Win With the New UPF Power States Trifecta: Abstraction, Flexibility, and Easy IP Reuse”, 10.30am-11.20am, Ballroom C

“Creating Affordable IoT Solutions Quickly with Tanner EDA”, 11.30am-12.20pm, Ballroom C

“Finding Bottlenecks in Hardware and Software”, 2.30pm-3.20pm, Ballroom C

Thursday, October 27th

Technical sessions

“Making Sure your UI Makes the Most of the ARM-based SoC – Performance Matters”, 10.30am-11.20am, Ballroom E

Sponsored sessions

“Methodology to Design Power-Efficient RTL IP without Sacrificing Performance using the PowerPro Platform”, 10.30am-11.20am, Ballroom C

“Making Full use of Emerging ARM based Heterogeneous Multicore SoCs”, 11.30am-12.20pm, Ballroom C

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