Don’t just whine – it’s time for you to help shape DAC 2015

By Paul Dempsey |  No Comments  |  Posted: June 25, 2014
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We’ve never been to a conference where the attendees didn’t leave with a few ‘could do betters’. So, while this year’s Design Automation Conference went pretty well, there have subsequently been a few ‘observations’.

Next year’s general chair, Mentor Graphics’ Anne Cirkel, acknowledges some of the key ones in a post on the conference’s website. None of them are truly critical – indeed, as she notes, several are a result of DAC’s evolution.

The conference is necessarily reaching out or greatly expanding its reach into areas such as IP, automotive and security. The important thing is how well the inevitable processes of refinement and general across-the-board improvement go.

So Anne wants you to speak up. An important target for DAC 2015 is to simplify the program, make it so that sessions do not overlap or overrun. But, such logistics aside, the volunteers who put the schedule together need to know more about what matters to you. So they want you to get in touch and talk about your experiences this year or offer good suggestions for the future.

You can do that by clicking right here and getting your ideas heard.

‘OK,’ you’re saying, ‘I’ve heard that before.’

Fair enough. But one other reason why we’re happy to highlight Anne’s call for your input is that she was instrumental in launching the original EDA Tech Forum (now, of course, Tech Design Forum) pretty much a decade ago.

And what we know from that process is that she – and any team she runs – do feedback. And act on it. Your thoughts won’t just disappear into the digital doldrums.

So take the opportunity and help shape an even better DAC for 2015.

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