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By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: October 2, 2013
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“Spice has been an evegreen problem for my entire adult life. It’s endless with it’s problems and possibiltities,” venture capitalist Jim Hogan told Brian Fuller, host of Cadence Design Systems’ irreverent tech-TV show Unhinged, as Hogan talked about the Spice simulation language and its impact on his career and the overall EDA business.

Hogan was on to talk about some of his plans and experiences in the world of EDA and venture funding, saying his big target right now is energy. But in EDA specifically, he said the big thing he is tracking is ‘Custom 2.0’.

“I think there are a couple things about the custom world,” said Hogan. “It’s not getting any easier and more work is needed as we go to lower nodes, particularly around simulation and signal integrity. We can’t deal with those problems using the same infrastructure that we have used so far. There are problems of scale and complexity.”

There are other things that are swinging into the EDA orbit, Hogan said: “The thing that will become increasingly EDAish is embedded software.”

The next episode of Unhinged is tomorrow (3 October) on Youtube and Cadence’s own site, providing industry insights with laughs and a twist and, in the case of episode one, the most efficient teardown ever.

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