DAC 2013: The Gary Smith EDA ‘what to see’ list is live

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Gary Smith and his analyst partners have picked out a little over 30 movers and shakers for their annual DAC ‘best of’ list. You want a copy of this whether you plan to go to DAC 2013 or not.

It’s a list that perhaps doesn’t contain too many surprises. Many of the suppliers and topics on it are among those that generate higher traffic here at Tech Design Forum. But that’s a good thing. It shows an EDA sector responding very clearly to the demands of its customers.

One thing of note, particularly for international readers and others who won’t be at DAC 2013, is that as well as the list (offered free-of-charge to download), you can get Gary Smith EDA’s background to its choices and more detail about the featured tools on the list in a separate in-depth report. That costs $500 – not cheap, for sure. But it’s still a lot less than flying someone out to the show, and you’re getting insights from the right people.

For those who will be at DAC 2013, this is how you start filling in appointments beyond your existing suppliers.

Gary’s team has also released its four annual wallcharts, mapping the different players in EDA and the sectors they occupy. The separate charts cover CAD/CAM, CAE, ESL and Multiplatform-based Design. These too are accompanied by additional paid-for reports, but are free-to-download in basic poster form.

All the DAC-related and industry overview material is available from the Gary Smith EDA website. Just follow the buttons in the ‘Featured Research’ box at the top of the page.

Gary Smith EDA at DAC 2013

You can hear Gary and his team’s views on the market at two DAC 2013 sessions and he’ll also be on John Cooley’s Troublemaker Panel on Monday afternoon.

They will launch the DAC 2013 kick-off reception in the Austin Convention Center (Ballroom ABC) on Sunday, June 2nd at 5:00pm. This year’s theme is ‘The Myth of the $170 Million Design’, and will focus on multiplatform targets and the growing use of virtual prototyping.

Then Gary will outline more of his thoughts on ‘Trends and What’s Hot at DAC’  in the DAC Pavilion on the exhibition floor on Monday, June 3rd at 9:15am.

We hear that Gary may also be playing the blues at some party. Though most of you will probably be getting your beauty sleep by then! Of course you will….

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