Mentor rebrands as Siemens EDA

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: December 14, 2020
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Mentor, a Siemens business, has rebranded as Siemens EDA. The move comes almost four years after the EDA company Mentor Graphics was acquired by the industrial and product-lifecycle management (PLM) giant.

The name change continues a process of integration that is being formed around the concept of the digital twin. In a blog post announcing the name change, IC-EDA executive vice president Joe Sawicki wrote: “For over 35 years, IC designers have created a digital twin to manufacture their chips. But the digital twin Siemens EDA offers goes much further.

“There’s not just a digital twin of the design that you can simulate. There’s also a digital twin of the manufacturing process to realize the design and there’s a digital twin of the device itself being utilized. These are all tied together in a way that allows us to enable feedback for continuous improvement from downstream and feed insights forward. With the product actually operating out in the field, issues can occur. That data can be fed back to the matching design digital twin that we can use to either improve the design or even send out a software upgrade to the product in the field.”

Sawicki listed a number of products in the traditional Siemens line into which the EDA operations tools are being integrated, including the PAVE360 simulation environment for vehicle development and Simcenter AMESim, which is used for mechatronic, electrical and hydraulic development.

“Because Siemens Digital Industries Software is the leader in the market, we can explore acquisitions that together with our tools, can offer the industry a unique digital twin,” Sawicki noted, concluding: “It is an exciting time to be in EDA. Providing digital twins is incredibly complex, but we view complexity as an opportunity to leverage our vast portfolio of products to meet the challenges of electronic systems today and tomorrow.”

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