DVCon Europe brings virtual rooms to online conference

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: October 8, 2020
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As part of its move online during the pandemic, DVCon Europe is introducing what the organizers call Virtual Experience Rooms.

These virtual rooms rendered using 3D graphics has been used in gaming but are comparatively rare in conferences. DVCon Europe will use them to support the conference’s poster session and to help interaction and networking during breaks in the main sessions, using themes akin to chat rooms to make it easier for people to collaborate online.

The virtual rooms will run in a standard web browser, though like many tools of this kind, Firefox and Chrome are recommended, and use the Mozilla Hubs environment.

The conference will include, in addition to four keynote speakers, a technical program with 24 papers, 11 posters, 13 tutorials and two panels. Two new keynotes have been announced. One will be given by Intel CTO Mike Mayberry, who will present: “The Future of Compute: Verification in the Era of Heterogeneous Design”. The other will be given by Moshe Zalcberg, CEO of Veriest Solutions, who has chosen the title: “I like being surrounded by good ideas: any good ideas we can borrow from the software world?”

These join previously announced keynotes from Victoria Mitchell, vice president of systems engineering at Arm, and Matthias Traub, head of architecture and technologies at Volkswagen. Vicki Mitchell’s keynote is entitled “The Benefits of Hardware DevOps and Traub’s covers the “Challenges of a Sustainable Innovative Automotive Computing Architecture”.

Joachim Geishauser, general chair of DVCon Europe, said the keynotes match the aim of the conference; to bring hardware and software engineers together: “The keynote speakers will be sharing their insights into the adoption of new methodologies and verification approaches and will discuss how the formerly separated disciplines of hardware and software are being adapted to a new ‘system thinking’.”

The conference will be held from October 27th to 28th 2020. Registration is now open and a discount applies until October 22nd. In addition, 30 free academic passes will be offered to university students across Europe.

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