MPW service arrives for RRAM

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: August 3, 2018
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Research institute Leti and low-volume wafer service CMP are cooperating on a project to let fabless chipmakers explore the use of non-volatile resistive RAMs in their designs.

Available on Leti’s 200mm CMOS line, the multiproject wafer (MPW) service offered through CMP provides access to Leti’s Memory Advanced Demonstrator (MAD) and its oxide-based resistive RAM (OxRAM) technology. The technology platform is based on titanium-doped hafnium oxide active layers.

The process being offered is based on 200mm base wafers prepared using STMicroelectronics HCMOS9A process for the 130nm node. Routing for standard cells and conventional memories is allowed up to metal four (M4). Leti then fabricates the OxRAM memory module on top, followed by a fifth interconnect layer and the I/O pads, which is also performed at Leti’s cleanroom.

The partners are providing a design kit, including layout, verification and simulation capabilities. Libraries are provided that include active and passive electro-optical components.

“CMP has a long experience providing smaller organizations with access to advanced manufacturing technologies, and there is very strong interest in the CMP community in designing and prototyping ICs using this process,” said Jean-Christophe Crébier, director of CMP. “It is an opportunity for many universities, start-ups and SMEs in France, Europe, North America, and Asia to take advantage of this new technology and MPW service.”

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