SureCore SRAM tuning service aims for lower power

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: September 26, 2018
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SureCore is introducing an IP customization service intended to deliver SRAM cores tuned to specific power and performance requirements for wearable, wireless, augmented reality, and IoT devices.

The company’s service is designed to prioritize power optimization over speed and area. The service covers a number of requirements, such as multiple read/write ports, ultra-low leakage retention modes, low dynamic power, near-threshold operation, write masking and BIST/DFT support. Some of the techniques used include segmented arrays, which reduce the capacitance that needs to be charged when reading from that part of the memory, assistance circuitry for near-threshold operation, highly granular sleep modes, and pipelined read circuitry.

The cores can be based on standard foundry or custom bit cells, the latter capable of delivering ultra-low operating voltages, improved leakage characteristics and improved performance.

“A number of companies have come to us with very ultra-low, application-specific power and performance targets that demand out-of-the-box thinking to achieve record-setting energy efficiency,” says SureCore CEO Paul Wells.

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