Docea adds API to model power software interactions

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: June 7, 2015
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Docea Power has added a programming interface to the latest version of its Aceplorer power-modeling software to let engineering teams see how chipset designs would fare under a variety of software-based power and thermal management algorithms.

The Power and Thermal Management Application Programming Interface (PTM-API) in Aceplorer 4.0 is intended to talk to software that simulates the behavior of the algorithms used in Android Governors, CPUFreq, and CPUIdle among other to gauge the performance of a chipset given a specific power management policy.

Docea said the PTM-API makes it easier to perform what-if analyses, to explore new power management policies effectiveness. It can also be used to optimize designs for today’s power-management software and speed up the validation of new power-management software.

At the same time, Docea has released version 4.0 of Thermal Profiler, which has been augmented with new steady-state and step-response solvers to facilitate the validation of thermal models imported from CFD tools before generating a compact thermal model for faster dynamic simulations.

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