Cadence updates OrCAD line with additions for PCB manufacturability and integrity

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: April 21, 2015
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Cadence Design Systems has added five products to its OrCAD line of PCB-design tools, which hit 30 this year, and introduced three feature updates.

The first of the five is OrCAD Component Information Portal, which provides users with CIS database management capabilities and integrated access to parametric component data through an interactive, web interface directly within the OrCAD Capture CIS product

OrCAD DFM Checker provides manufacturing- and fabrication-centric checks for OrCAD PCB Editor. The OrCAD DFM fabrication checks can be run at any time during PCB place and route to help ensure that no fabrication-related issues are present, helping designers avoid fabrication-related delays and re-work.

OrCAD Panel Editor provides a panel documentation environment for OrCAD PCB Editor that significantly simplifies panel creation and documentation

OrCAD Sigrity ERC (Electrical Rules Check) provides a set of electrical signal quality checks for OrCAD PCB Editor. ERCs are designed to be run by the PCB designer as a first-order electrical validation. This capability enables the PCB designer to make needed changes within the design before more extensive and exhaustive analysis is performed.

The fifth, OrCAD Capture Constraint System, supports a constraint-driven PCB design flow for OrCAD Capture and OrCAD PCB Editor. Cadence said, compared to the existing methodology, the OrCAD Capture Constraint System substantially expands the constraint definition and management methodology in OrCAD Capture.

In terms of enhancements to existing tools, OrCAD PCB Editor productivity improvements include Scribble Route, an auto/interactive routing feature, which allows the user to loosely sketch a path for a route as the system figures how to detail-route it, as well as group and contour routing updates and via arrays

OrCAD PCB Professional high-speed design features now offer enhanced differential pair constraints, propagation constraint support, delay tuning with heads-up display support, net scheduling, and impedance constraint support

Finally, OrCAD Signal Explorer is being added to OrCAD Capture technology-based products, enabling front-end signal integrity/signal quality simulation as well as topology exploration and constraint definition. It can also be scaled for additional signal exploration and signal integrity capabilities through OrCAD PCB SI.

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