November 1, 2007

What to look for when using an external PCB design center

The successful completion of complex PCB layouts requires a combination of highly skilled and experienced layout designers, a structured front-to-back design process, and advanced EDA toolsets. Success can be defined as meeting or exceeding all electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing requirements, and, where an external PCB design center is involved, satisfying the client in all interactions [...]
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June 1, 2007

Implementation of a DFM checker for 65nm and beyond

Design for manufacturing (DFM) sign-off is a required step in most deep sub-micron technology design environments. However, there is no common methodology for DFM sign-off. We believe DFM should not only give an estimate of the yield, but should also point out where failures are most likely to occur, and where designers can improve their […]

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December 1, 2006

Left shifting DFM analysis into the PCB design flow

What do we mean by a ‘left shift’ in design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis? Think of it as moving the DFM analysis from a tool run by the manufacturer into an integrated solution within the printed circuit board (PCB) design system. It is a major advance in the design of PCBs, allowing users to ultimately [...]
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