DAC preview: DFM, 3D panels at the Mentor Graphics stand

By Paul Dempsey |  No Comments  |  Posted: May 31, 2011
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What’s a blog, if you can’t talk your own book a little. So, here’s a shill for a couple of panel sessions I’ll be moderating on the Mentor Graphics booth at DAC (#1542).

And before that turns you off because you’re not able to make it to San Diego, I’ll add that we’re taping both and will have them online soon after. Stay posted for more on that, including the relevant links.

On Monday (June 6) at 11am, I’m reunited with an excellent group we had at the last Tech Design Forum event in Santa Clara. for ‘DFM Goes Mainstream…Are You Ready?’ I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be hearing much from the know-nothing journalist, but instead a great deal a sense from Luigi Capodieci of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Dave Pietromonaco of ARM, Mark Redford of CSR and Mentor’s Jean-Marie Brunet.

DAC 2011We’ve also recently done the prep call for the second panel on Tuesday (June 7), also at 11am: ‘Who Is Driving 3D IC and Why?’ Again, I’ll be directing the traffic while the real horsepower is delivered by Sanjeev Sathe of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Mike Gianfagna of Atrenta, Rob Aitken of ARM, Xilinx’s Simon Burke, and Mentor’s Juan Rey. The call went really well and we’ll be going over a sound mix of the productive and the provocative.

Be assured, there’ll be no endless death-by-Powerpoint intros. We’ll get to the meat quickly. And with an intimate theater venue, both panels have agreed to take floor questions and points throughout to make the discussions as interactive and dynamic as possible. Everyone involved is well up for a debate, so come along on feel free to lob a few hot potatoes of your own.

So, with coverage of the 28nm roll out (and a look forward to nodes beyond) on Monday and the drive through silicon interposer/2.5D towards 3D on Tuesday, we’ll be focusing on two of what will inevitably be hot topics at this year’s DAC.

Meanwhile, you can get more details on these sessions and all of Mentor’s activities at DAC.

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