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By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: June 1, 2008
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With this fourth anniversary issue of the EDA Tech Forum Journal, we have begun to make a few changes—more will follow over the coming months.

In terms of content, the most obvious change is that we have introduced a new section dedicated to the role of embedded technologies in the design fl ow. It is an area we have covered in our existing sections, but its ever-growing infl uence over the semiconductor world means that it deserves and requires a space of its own.

In terms of distribution, those of you who previously received EDA Tech Forum with EETimes will probably have noticed that this edition arrived as a separate magazine. After four very successful years as a supplement, we felt the time had come for the magazine to expand into the broader marketplace as a stand-alone title, and that is now happening in partnership with the RTC Group. We believe EDA Tech Forum is thus better equipped to grow and rapidly adapt to the needs of a fastchanging business.

As I said earlier, we will be broadening our coverage into other areas over the coming issues. Expect to see more on design management, more on foundries, more on standards, more on research programs—to name but a few. Our goal, as ever, is to precisely refl ect the practical goals and requirements of engineers involved in every stage of the design of electronic systems.

Finally, I would like to thank you, our readers, and all our contributors for supporting this magazine over the last four eventful years, and as we move into the future. However, if that future is to be as successful as our past, we cannot afford any complacency. In that respect, I would also repeat our regular call for feedback. My e-mail address is on the contents page and right now we are at a time when change and expansion are both priorities. If you think there are areas we do not currently cover or where we could do a better job of serving you, please let us know—and also tell us what you think of the new elements we are introducing.

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