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Welcome to Tech Design Forum, a trusted resource which gives hardware and software engineers the information and analysis they need to make the best technology decisions.Tech Design Forum is a predominantly online technical journal, supported by a strictly limited group of sponsors.

The editorial agenda is developed with readers and sponsors, so that it reflects key current engineering issues and the sponsors’ main messaging priorities.

Our approach

Curation is a powerful response to the increasing systemic complexity of chip design, which has made it more difficult for engineers to find the technical information they need to do their jobs and for vendors to reach those engineers with their messages. The new approach to Tech Design Forum will help tame the system for both engineers and vendors.

Busy engineers face the ‘tyranny of choice’ created by search engines, which make it easy to find lots of information related to a topic, but hard to find the right information. Using the curation approach, Tech Design Forum will be restructured around framing articles that set key design issues in context and direct engineers to carefully chosen supporting material, held in a themed repository, which provides detailed insights about those issues.

One of the most valuable things about this curated approach is that the framing content will evolve as the design issues evolve, so they will always be relevant. We’ll also be able to bring insights from the leading edge of chip design to engineers working on mainstream processes, ensuring that they know how these tools and techniques could help them get to market more quickly and efficiently.

Another benefit of the curated approach is that we’ll be taking a systemic view of chip design, reflecting its increasingly multidisciplinary nature and the growing importance of the technical and commercial partnerships that enable efficient design flows from idea to finished systems.

The Curation Company

The Curation Company has been formed to help overcome the ‘tyranny of choice’ faced by technical audiences trying to access relevant information. Using a combination of market and technical insight, The Curation Company aims to streamline the flow of relevant information from sponsors to readers, especially in complex, multidisciplinary and increasingly collaborative disciplines.

The Curation Company’s first target market is electronics design, which it is addressing through a licensing deal for the Tech Design Forum media brand.

The Curation Company is led by three experienced journalists who together have more than 60 years’ experience of understanding technical markets, assessing reader priorities and presenting complex information in an accessible way.


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