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By Paul Dempsey |  No Comments  |  Posted: November 1, 2008
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This special edition of EDA Tech Forum Journal concentrates on PCB design. It’s an exciting area technologically right now, and we hope that the editorial content reflects that.

One theme that kept emerging was that many of the contributors believe their discipline is at some sort of tipping point. And these changes don’t just come in one form or area.

We have new technologies that are forcing traditional board design metrics to be rethought.

We have companies that have built their products around long established and well tested foundations that suddenly find themselves being forced to adopt new tools and methodologies.

And we explore the pressing need to smooth communication along various components in the design flow from concept to electrical to mechanical design and then on to manufacturing.

Those are but three examples of the upheavals taking place—the journal features many more. We also hope that it features quite a few of the answers.
To that end, we’ve harvested the thinking of some of the best writers in the business. Eric Bogatin shares some design tips aimed to taming the beast that is signal integrity. “Max” Maxfield offers his views on the emergence of board-level design-for-manufacture. And Mary Olsson provides a glimpse into the market’s economics prospects.

Our objective with every issue of EDA Tech Forum Journal is to place practical information in the hands of the designer. We aim to satisfy your curiosity, for sure. But the ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to do your job.

As this is our first themed issue, I would value your feedback more than ever. Are there other topics you think we should have addressed, for example? Perhaps there is an article that you would like to contribute yourself.

All that now remains, as ever, is for me to thank our contributors for sharing their knowledge and insights—and to thank you for reading.

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