DVCon keynotes to look at edge computing and network evolution

By Chris Edwards |  No Comments  |  Posted: September 5, 2019
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DVCon Europe, Accellera’s design and verification conference to be held in Munich on October 29-30, will feature keynotes on the trends toward edge computing and the future of networks.

In the first keynote, Lars Reger, CTO and senior vice president of technology at NXP Semiconductors, will give a talk entitled “Safe Computing at the Edge” in which he will explore how cloud computing has expanded the power of devices at the edge but which is now reaching practical limits in terms of how much functionality it can offload. Reger argues that to monitor an entire production site reliably or to drive a fully autonomous car through traffic, delivering all data to the cloud for processing simply becomes too slow and vulnerable to disconnections. Therefore, mastering edge computing with the high levels of safety and security is critical to the deployment of artificial intelligence in the mass market.

Preeti Nagarajan, head of strategy for networks at Ericsson, will give the second keynote: “Enabling Technologies and the Future of Networks”. Her speech will examine the dilemmas involved when faster innovation for complex systems in a consolidating and geopolitically polarized industry landscape. Network operators are expected to add 30 per cent capacity every year while keeping both operating and capital expenses under control. At the same time, they have to cope with a trend towards disaggregation and virtualization, which increases the complexity of management. To handle these issues, operators will need to deploy networks with better and more proactive analytics capabilities. They are also likely to seek greater use of SoCs in the development of the networking subsystems.

The technical programme for DVCon Europe is now available and registration is open, with advance reduced rates until September 27.

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