Automated DRC Waiver Management (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About IP Waivers and Love Calibre Auto-Waiver)

Submitted by Mentor Graphics  |  Posted: June 1, 2011
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Document Abstract

This paper explains the Calibre Auto-Waiver product, and discusses how the auto-waiver process significantly reduces the time and risks associated with implementing third-party IP.

Integration of third-party intellectual property (IP) into integrated circuit (IC) designs has always been a potential time trap for IC designers. IP design rule violations that were waived by the foundry show up during IC verification without any indication as to their waived status. The IC designer has no choice but to analyze and resolve these errors just like any other, wasting significant manhours and cycle time.

Calibre Auto-Waiver, Calibre nmDRC's automated waiver management capability, provides IP designers with automated identification of design rule violations granted waiver status during IP development. During integration of the IP into larger designs, IC designers can use Calibre Auto-Waiver to recognize and remove these errors during design rule checking (DRC), avoiding the need to analyze and debug waived errors. In addition, Calibre Auto-Waiver identifies any waived errors that fall into “marginal” waiver status, allowing the IC designer to investigate these errors as needed to ensure manufacturability. After DRC is complete, Calibre Auto-Waiver enables the designer to quickly review the waiver status of all IP errors, as final assurance that no IP error has been overlooked.

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